Welcome Arie Grace Halvorson

It is my delight to introduce you to Arie Grace Halvorson, the newest member of our family born Thanksgiving Day. This little lady entered the world just after 1:00pm weighing 6lbs 15 oz and 18 inches. She was just in time for the holiday and even got to enjoy some Christmas lights from our hospital room that night.

Arie is the girl’s name we have had picked out for the last couple years.  It is a Hebrew name and means “Lion of God.”


Our hearts are overflowing with love for this little one.  She is sweet as can be and we are loving having a little girl as part of our family.  Noah hasn’t been too interested in her yet, but he has been sure to show her how to play cars and trains already.

We even had time for a first family picture at a photo booth at a friend’s party last weekend.

photo (12)

We are blessed and giving thanks to the Lord for our family!


Oh Baby! Nursery Number Two Reveal!

Oh baby! We are just days away from meeting our little one and the excitement is setting in. I have officially moved into full nesting mode; tidying up anything thing I can find in addition to finishing the nursery.

I shared my plans for the nursery last month with intentions of reusing as many furniture pieces from my home as possible.  Here is a reminder of the design board I landed on.

I stayed true to the plans and was able use a few more pieces I found around the house. So here it is, the nursery for Baby Halvorson #2!!

I focused on keeping the base layer of the room neutral and punching it up with some fun accents.  The art piece above the crib provided the perfect jumping off point for some bright greens and corals.  My favorite piece in the room is the rug.  The circle breaks up all the hard lines and provides a cozy spot for the kids to play.

The mini crib saved a ton of space and fit in perfectly next to the awkward closet bump out.

The seating area came almost entirely from pieces already in our home.  The West Elm leather chair used to reside in our living room.  The green side table was originally purchased from TJMaxx and we spray painted it a glossy green to give it new life.  The bookshelf is an old street market find from Seattle. The mirror was a piece my parents had years ago and I modge podged it with paper from Paper Source to complement the rug.

The dresser/changing table is a vintage piece that I found at a thrift store for $90 a few years ago.  We painted it white and added a changing pad with a playful print.  Going this route provides much more storage than a traditional changing table which is much needed in the small space.

The artwork was inspired by some old frames I found at my parent’s house and spray painted green.  I picked up some decorative paper at Paper Source and mattings from Hobby Lobby to create the four prints above the dresser.  Kids rooms are never off limits for Christmas decor! I picked up this little tree from Home Goods and ornaments for $3 at Target.

And don’t forget big brother.  This busy guy has been helping me with several nursery projects and was ready to give the baby’s chair a try!

Oh and making sure all the toys are in operating condition.  Love this guy!!!!

So there it is… small, short and sweet.  It’s not much space but babies are small and don’t need much! I have provided a full source list of all the items in the nursery below.

I’ll keep you posted on Baby Halvorson, now to be patient waiting for his or her arrival, we can’t wait!

Source List 

A Nursery Plan for Number 2

At 34 weeks I am looking very pregnant folks!  Here is a picture of the baby belly with Noah at the farmstead yesterday.

And one more picture of us on a hayride and what I just realized is one of our last outings as the THREE of us.

The last couple months have flown by and we find ourselves just weeks away from meeting our new baby.  While we are filled with anticipation and excitement there is still some work to do before baby’s arrival.  I have been slow to put together a nursery plan because I have been trying to utilize current furniture pieces and accessories from our house to minimize cost.  After some rearranging and space planning, there are a few key pieces from our home we can use:

1. Everett Leather Chair from West Elm
This chair has been in our living room since my parents purchased it for Christmas for us last year.  It is super comfy and has an ottoman so we figured it would be the perfect spot to curl up with the baby.

2. The pendant light from our old dining room
Our first run at the dining room included a white pendant from lampsplus.  It has been sitting in our basement since we redid the dining room this Fall and is much more exciting than the standard flush mount currently in the room.

3. The Mid Century Modern buffet that I bought at a thrift store and painted white a couple years ago
This piece has been moved around the house and was most recently in the guest room. It will add some much-needed storage and double as the changing table.

So with these pieces, and the mini crib I purchased last month, here is the plan I came up with for the nursery.

I kept it pretty basic with a few fun elements and left some room for customization when we know if it’s a girl or boy and the name. Work is already well underway so stay tuned for the reveal in just a couple weeks!