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I am the wife to my incredible husband Scott, the mother to Noah Zion born May 15th, 2011 and Arie Grace born November 22, 2012. I am a Christ-lover and recently left the corporate marketing world to be a stay-at-home mama.

God has brought our family to Kansas City via way of Minneapolis and Seattle.  We purchased our first home in October 2010 and I have been busy designing and decorating it ever since.  Thanks for visiting!

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17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! I just came across your blog via The Inspired Room. I love everything you’ve done with your house! I was wondering what part of KC you’re from…I’m from Lee’s Summit. :) I’m not a blogger, but I love finding inspiration from others.

    • Hi Kira-
      Thanks for reading the blog! I actually didn’t even know it had been posted on the Inspired Room :) I live in Prairie Village, in a Cape Cod built in the 1950s. Great to hear from locals who enjoy design!!

  2. Hi there! Just wanted to say that I love your blog. So fun! Also, after reading your “about me” section I had to comment on your baby boys name. LOVE IT!!!! Long before I ever had babies, and just after my husband and I got engaged I told my Grandmommy (her name was Olivia and literally my second mommy) that if I ever had a little girl, her name would be Olivia also, and if I had a boy his name would be Noah. (After my Great Granddaddy/my Grandmommys dad). I also wore (and still do) her diamond ring that she gave me on my 16th bday as my engagement ring. Anyway, long story short, I did finally have a little girl, and her name is Olivia, although my Grandma passed away before she was born. I do have 2 boys, but some how neither one was named Noah. Between a few close friends naming their boys Noah around the same time mine were born, and my husband choosing a different name at the last minute for another, etc. It just never happened. BUT what do you know? My last baby, my son who is 1 year old. (2 in June) His name is Zion….. Zion Zachary. lol. As you know I’m sure, it’s not a very common name. I’ve never met another Zion before so when I saw your sons name I just had to tell you my lil (or long :P) story. So Congrats on that beautiful baby boy and in addition to his name I love what you did with his room too!

  3. Hi there, I wanted to say that I love your blog and how much DIY stuff you have on there. I love the curtains you made for the guest room. Where did you find the fabric?
    Also, I love the gray and turqoise nursery you have for your 2nd baby. Can you please share the two gray colors you have on the wall. I have been looking for grays to do the same thing and can’t find the right ones to match.

    Thanks!!!!! -Molly

  4. Hi! Just came across your blog and love the nursery boards. I was curious, where can I find the crib in the Whetstines Chevron Nursery board? My husband and I are expecting our first baby (a little girl) later this year and that crib would be perfect!
    Best, Christine

    • Hi Christine- thanks for reading! The Whetstine’s crib is from Walmart. I also purchased my crib from Walmart and was very pleased with it. It’s super sturdy and looks great and easy on the wallet. Congratulations on your baby girl, blessings!

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  6. Hello! First of all I have to say that I am not a blogger, but your sight left me amazed b/c you have such awesome taste and design!! I found it by way of a “google” search to see if someone had pics of the C&B Lounge sofa that we are about to purchase!! I too am a follower of Jesus Christ and we also live in Kansas City(actually a suburb of KC)…kinda crazy! I am also a stay at home mom, then I saw that your son was born on may 15, and so was our oldest daughter…too weird–LOL! I love your style…it is so similar to ours…I am always changing my mind and selling new furniture on craigslist too. My poor husband(: I am on my last round of selling on CL and I want a furniture set that we can have with 3 kids and last for years to come. So, we are looking at the Loung sectional in the “Otter” color in the high pile microfiber. Is that “oyster” on yours?? it’s gorgeous… I love how you arranged that room..picture perfect! How is the fabric for clean-ability? I loved your nursery and kids rooms too— You are very gifted at design!! Are you doing interior design work… you could do that from home for sure…you are great at it!

    Also wanted to leave you the link to my store since our taste is similar– we just opened my Etsy store last week for my Art pieces(I was a Design Arts major, but my real job is being a stay at home mom(:)

    Blessings and congrats on your new little one soon!

    • Hey Sarah-
      Thanks so much for reading and the nice note! What a small world! I love your artwork. I am actually working on a nursery for our second baby and was considering some similar options. I went with something a little more kidsy but I really love your stuff. Do you have it on display anywhere in Kansas City?

      We love the furniture from Crate and Barrel. Yes, we have the oyster color in the microfiber. It is super comfy and great for the kids (Noah especially enjoys driving his trucks all over it!). It cleans up great. I just use a little distilled water and a rag.

      Thank you again for reading and the encouraging words! So glad you enjoyed my blog!!

      • Thank you for your encouraging words too! I am glad to hear that the C&B fabric has held up well for you guys! I think we are going to order ours today….I really wanted to go with oyster, but the otter color worked better for our walls(: You inspired me so much with your design!!
        As far as my paintings… no, they are not up in KC right now. I am so limited in my time, that I’m just trying to work with Etsy and Interior designers for now. I have several more pieces about to get posted—I’m just a perfectionist, so I can’t post until I feel it’s perfect–lol! I am glad you mentioned that about the nursery b/c I have wondered about making some “kid” pieces for my gallery. Any advice/input is always appreciated— if you have any thoughts? I am working on some smaller pieces that are more affordable, so I hope that helps get my shop moving(: You obviously know how to run an awesome blog…. I’m inspired so much by your work!!! I will definitely be back to see what’s new(: -blessings!

  7. hello again…quick question(: What color of gray was baby”W’s” crib–in that adorable nursery you designed!!?. We are transitioning to a toddler bed, and I was thinking of going with that crib (since our current crib doesn’t convert). However, on walmart’s site…they have a cool gray and a navy but not a dark gray? Any thoughts? thanks so much!

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