My House

Our home is always a work in a progress!

Family Room 


Living Room

Dining Room

Noah’s Nursery

Arie’s Nursery

Master Bathroom

Guest Room

Master Bedroom

Lots more rooms in progress, more to come!


20 thoughts on “My House

  1. Love the shower curtain in the nursery! How were you able to get one long enough? They look like 84″ curtains but I know shower curtains are usually 72″? We are doing a grey/yellow nursery and I am on the hunt for curtains!

  2. I love your nurseries. We (my wife and I) will be adapting some of your amazing ideas to our own for our first baby which is on its way.

  3. I found your dining room pics on Pinterest and am in love with your style. My hubby and I are moving in to our own place in less than 5 weeks and I using your style as a template. My mother in law wants me to define my style but I don’t want to say modern because I’m not too modern I like comfortable clean living. How would you define your style? Contemporary? Please get back to me so I can follow you.
    Lesley :)

    • Hey Lesley- thanks so much for reading and the nice feedback! I have since moved my blog so for new updates you can read here . Hmmm, how to define my design style. I always keep things comfortable and functional with clean lines and not too much comfortable. I don’t know that I would say modern… maybe more traditional with a modern twist :)

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