The Mini Crib

I picked up a steal of a deal on Craigslist last week and wanted to share.  With baby #2 approaching we have been trying to decide if we want to buy a second crib or move Noah into a big boy bed.  Since Noah will only be about a year and half when the new baby arrives we decided it would be best to keep him in his crib and avoid a big change for him at the moment.

I came across a mini crib which is slightly smaller than a standard size crib and is on casters to fit through a standard size doorway for added convenience.  They are larger than a bassinet or pack-and-play and have a weight limit of around 60 pounds so they can last for several months.  Most of them also fold flat for easy storage, making it a great option for people in smaller apartments or homes. I figured this would work perfect for us and hold us over until Noah is ready for a big boy bed.

I was searching Craigslist for a mini crib when I came across a Grayson Mini Crib by Babyletto .  These usually retail for $250-$300 and I found one brand new for $150! So Noah and I made a road trip to Lawrence for the day and came home as proud owners of this guy:

I am loving the mini crib so much that I wanted to share a couple more of my favorites in case you are in the market for one or planning a nursery in a small space.

Baby Mod Dylan Mini Crib from Walmart, $169
Although I haven’t seen this one in person, Noah’s crib is from Walmart and I was thrilled with the quality of it. I love the grey and similar modern look to the Babyletto version.

Bloom Baby Alma Urban Mini Crib Buy Buy Baby $339
This option makes a statement with a bold shade of green!

DaVinci Mini Emily Crib Amazon $145
For a more traditional option this crib has soft lines and a super affordable price.

Stokke Sleep Mini Crib System  Buy Buy Baby $999
If budget is not an issue then this crib is the perfect option.  The charming circle shape extends to an oval to grow with baby.


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