Out with the Bathroom Sink!

The biggest and most important part of the bathroom mini-remodel was the new sink.  I wanted a modern vessel sink with a traditional base to tie into the vintage look of the shower curtain.  A vanity/sink combo can easily set you back $500-$1,000 so I knew we were going to need to build this one ourselves.

We surveyed Home Depot and Lowes for sinks and faucets and were not impressed with options.  I did some research and came across some instructions and recommendations on the younghouselove website. We went with their recommendation for both sink and faucet from overstock.com. The Kraus Rectangular Ceramic Lavatory Vessel Sink was priced at $119  and the  Kraus Ramus Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet was $117.  Even better, overstock.com ships everything for $2.95.

We lucked out and found an accent table during a trip to Home Goods that was the perfect size to accommodate the sink and faucet.  It wasn’t the color or finish we were looking for but at $70, it was a pretty good steal.

With materials in place, we began construction.   We started by painting the vanity and applied two coats of paint with a roller brush followed by two coats of polyurethane.  Warning on the polyurethane, the poly was so strong that it ate through the paint the first time we applied it and we had to sand it down and repaint it.  Make sure you have at least a couple layers of paint, and then apply the poly in thin coats, avoiding globs or thick layers with your paint brush.  I found that applying the poly with a sponge brush worked best.

After painting we measured and cut the vanity to accommodate the plumbing.  This included cutting down the drawers to make way for the P-trap, cutting a hole out of the back and drilling a hole in the top to make way for the drain.  Once all of our cuts were made we installed the sink and plumbing per the sink instructions.  The vanity was about an inch too short to match the existing plumbing so we needed a creative way to gain an extra inch of height.  We decided to use glass door pulls for the home depot, which also added an charming foot to the vanity.

From there it was just minor updates to the vanity like new draw pulls.  We went with the Urchin Test Knob from Anthropologie at $8 each.

And with that, we hooked the plumbing back up and our master bathroom sink was back in business. Here is our final product.

There is more to come on the master bathroom mini-remodel.  I’ll share pics from the rest of our remodel soon!

Set Sail- Master Bathroom Mini Remodel

While the sunroom is still taking shape I decided to move on to another project (if you haven’t already caught on, I like to keep several things moving at once).  This mini remodeling project came about because of a clogged sink.  When the sink in our master bathroom started backing up, we decided to remove it and whip up something a little more exciting.  What we have is a builder-grade bathroom:

With less than 25 square feet to work with, we decided on a plan incorporating bright color and bold patterns.  The mini-remodel will call for one major transformation, the addition of a custom vessel sink (which we will figure out how to build).  The vessel sink will also add some much-needed storage.

I created a design plan focused around this awesome shower curtain I found at Anthrolpologie.  Here is the inspiration: This plan will be challenging to execute as we need to incorporate great style while adding functionality to the space. So step one, get a sink back on the wall… rather figure out how to build a vessel sink.  Stay tuned, DIY vessel sink to come!

A Sunny Mid Century Living Room Design

While my dining room is not yet in final form, I decided to proceed with plans for my living room/sun room in hopes to finish before the warm weather arrives here in Kansas City.  I have a fantastic room off the dining space that is wrapped in windows and walks out to the back yard.  I think this room will be the central living space in the spring and summer months as the light floods in creating a sunny and delightful little space that is right off the kitchen.

The colors on the lower level of the home are pretty neutral.  Tan walls and white shelving create a light and airy feeling with wood tones and green accent pieces throughout.  I want the sunroom to play off of these colors while punching up the modern style a bit.  I’ll include bold furniture pieces that will give the room a Mid-Century feel and still coordinate with the traditional style of the home.

I first came across the idea of a creating a mood board while browsing through www.younghouselove.com.  This is a great way to see all your desired colors and textures together and get an idea of what your design ideas will cost you. Before creating the board I browsed through many design catalogs to find some inspirational pictures.  This helps in establishing colors and patterns.  I found this picture which I call “mid-century meets mother nature.”  Not the exact look I am going for but close, and inspiration to get me started.

I love the lines of the furniture and the color of the sofa. What this room is lacking is a punch of color and bold pattern.  I think this can be solved with a bright patterned curtain and plush area rug to soften the wood floors.  Combine that with neutral colors to keep that light summer feeling and I cooked up this design:

My starting point is the green sofa which I have already purchased.  I got a great deal on the Corona sofa from Macy’s. I knew what I wanted and waited until it was on sale and tax-free! Now I will have to see what my budget can accommodate to create the look above.  I will keep you posted on the progress and final pictures when I get there!