Be Our Guest

If there is one room that gets plenty of use in our house it’s our guest room.  It’s been like Hotel Halvorson around here lately with friends and family in town to visit. This room has gone through plenty of iterations since we moved in three years ago. Most recently the room looked like this after a quick makeover of the room with a then six month old Noah.

I have been wanting to give the room a more finished and grown up look and I needed to bring in some furniture because I took the dresser and nightstand out to use in Arie’s nursery.  I already shared how I made the pendant shade  and how I painted the bed using a paint sprayer.  From there it was all about best arranging the furniture and bringing in some color to take advantage of the wonderful light in the room.  And here is what I ended up with.


I moved the bed to the far side of the wall to open up the window and let more light in. I switched out the patterned curtains with neutral linen panels and added a large mirror above the bed to make the ceilings feel taller.


I added a shag rug to soften up the wood floors.


There is an upholstered storage bench along the wall which provides a place for guests to sit or set their suitcases on.


I had an old side table I sprayed the same color as the bed and switched out the hardware with new knobs from Hobby Lobby. I keep a small tray on the bedside to give guests a place to set their keys, wallet or cell phones.


I saved a lot of money by purchasing the bedding and accent pillows from Target.


On the opposite wall from the bed is a large armoir that my husband found on the side of the road in our neighborhood.  The color was perfect, I didn’t even have to paint it! Because the armoir is the first thing you see when you look in the room, I added a small mirror to the side to make it more pleasant from the side view.  The armoir provides a place to keep all of our office supplies since we lost our home office when we added our second nursery.

I think I can confidently say I am happy this room and won’t be changing it again any time soon! It has a very welcoming feel with lots of light and color. So come on over and be our guest!

Source List 

  • Bedding and accent pillows- Target 
  • Euro Shams- West Elm
  • Pendant light shade- Hobby Lobby
  • Rug- Home Goods
  • Mirror- Home Goods
  • Curtain panels- Home Goods

6 thoughts on “Be Our Guest

  1. Hi Jenna,
    What kinds of blinds are these? I like how they look paired with the curtains. My husband and I are building a house and we’re stuck in whether we want blinds, curtains or both. I’m leaning more towards both but can’t decide which kinds of blinds to get. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Zoua- The blinds are faux-wood blinds from Home Depot. I have put them throughout our whole house. They are great, inexpensive and Home Depot will cut them to size for free in their stores.

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