Spread a Little Love- My Valentine’s Day Mantel

Part of my recent living room project included removing the TV we had mounted above the fireplace.  We are moving the TV to our sunroom, making a more informal family room and freeing up the front room for a more formal living room. We are in the process of building a TV cabinet for the sunroom which I will be sharing on the blog shortly.  But in the meantime, removing the TV gave me some fun options for decorating the mantel.  Here is what our living room looked like with the TV mounted above the fireplace.

And here is my mantel without the TV and with some fun decorations for Valentine’s Day.


I am still trying to find a better-proportioned mirror to maximize the light and ceiling height but am borrowing this one from my guest room for now. I picked up the fun XO garland at papersource.


I had some old candle sticks that my mom gave me.  The finish didn’t match anything in my house so I spruced them up with a coat of red glossy spray paint.  Here is what they looked like before.




IMG_3025And the after.




Lots more to come on the new living room but for now spread a little love and enjoy the Valentine’s Day decor!


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