AB Chao Design Camp

First off, glad to be back friends! I took some time off to enjoy our newest blessing, Arie Grace, who has been, well, really really cute.


She is a fun and feisty little lady and seems to be taking after her brother which means most days are a bit chaotic as well represented by this year’s Christmas picture.


But despite busy days we are having a blast and enjoying everything that comes with being a family of four.  And I have to sneak one more picture of Noah because I can’t get enough of this handsome man.


Two little ones doesn’t leave much time for design blogging, in fact Arie is sleeping on my lap while I type this blog…

photo (15)

But I was flipping through the recent issue of BHG when I came across AB Chao Design Camps. These two day camps go over a number of design basics and techniques. I have never received any formal training so I thought it would be a great opportunity to get a professionals advice and meet some design saavy folks up in Minneapolis (my home town).

I’ll be attending the camp in May and if anyone else in the blog world is attending let me know because I would love to connect in advance. And for my readers I will be taking lots of pictures and posting about all the wonderful tips I’m sure I’ll be learning!


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