A Christmas Tradition

For those of you who know our family, you are probably familiar with a little Christmas tradition that was started a few years back.

I returned home from work one evening to find my husband, who was supposed to be studying for finals, setting up his 20+ nutcrackers in our living room.  He has received a nutcracker from his God parents every year since we was born and that being the first year we owned a home, he figured the perfect opportunity to bring them all out.  We had just seen the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox and he had been inspired by the stop motion film. So was birthed the first ever Halvorson Family Christmas video.

Nutcrackers 2009

Our friends and family loved the video so much that they pressured us into another video the next year. We got a little more elaborate with our use of nutcrackers and probably wasted a few too many hours on this one!

Nutcrackers 2010

Last year I figured the birth of our first child was a good excuse to put the nutcrackers to rest. People still kept asking about our video so we decided we would leave it up to Noah to tackle the job.

Noah’s 2011 Christmas Letter

And this year we have been very busy with our new little lady so Noah graciously offered to take care of the video again.  Noah and our entire family present to you our 2012 Christmas letter and wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Noah’s 2012 Christmas Letter 


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