Adding a Little Curb Appeal

One thing I have been wanting to do before the baby arrives is spruce up the front entry.  As I have mentioned before, Scott and I have never been ones to enjoy yardwork. But this year we had a new-found motivation and finally did some landscaping and installed a patio (which I still need to post some final pictures of).  So I thought it was time to move on to the front of the house and add a little curb appeal.

Here is what the entry looked like at the end of a long, hot summer.

There was so much white and concrete and zero visual appeal or color. I wanted the entry to feel more inviting and warm and better match with the rest of the home.  Here is our entry after some sprucing up!

The shutters on our house are dark so the first thing I wanted to do was paint the mailbox and house numbers to coordinate.  I used a RustOleum spray paint with a bronze metallic finish.

This paint is awesome.  It covers great with only one coat and creates a beautiful and durable finish.

I switched out the white light fixture which wasn’t the correct scale fo the house.  I came across the Illumine Outdoor Lantern in a recent issue of This Old House Magazine.  It was a steal at only $27!

The wreath was a recent craft project I put together, inspired by Pinterest.

Lastly, I purchased a chair and accent pillow from Target.  It provides a comfy spot for me to sit while Noah plays in the front yard and makes the small patio feel a little more intentional. 

I finished it off with our pumpkins from our recent visit to the farm.  Now it feels much more warm and welcoming…. so come on over!!


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