Creating Custom Artwork

After posting the reveal of my sunroom a couple weeks ago I have had several people ask about the customized artwork I included.  I wanted to share how I created the artwork and used it as a key focal point in the room.

I don’t have a lot of artwork in my home and when I do use artwork I try to keep it as personal as possible.  In the sunroom, my husband had the idea to create a piece of artwork highlighting a Bible verse that is meaningful to our family.  After selecting the verse, I downloaded different fonts that had a handwritten effect for free on dafont.  Then I played with different color combinations using the Color Scheme Designer website. This website is a handy tool for creating monochromatic and complementary color schemes.

After landing on a color palette I laid out the verse in Photoshop.  If you don’t have Photoshop, you can try laying out the text in PowerPoint or Illustrator.  I saved my Photoshop creation as a JPEG and uploaded it on the Costco Photo Center to have it printed on a 24in by 32in canvas. I use Costco for all of my printing needs and they do a great job at a very reasonable price.  You can either pick up prints in the store or they can mail them directly to your home which is convenient for busy moms on the go!

Here is what the artwork JPEG looked like that I sent to print:

And here is the printed canvas in my sunroom. For about $70 I created a custom artwork piece that means something to me and my family and perfectly matches the colors in my space.

I also included word art in the focal wall above the sofa that showcased family photos in white frames.  The majority of the photos are from our wedding and Noah’s first year so I decided on art that highlighted our wedding date and Noah’s birthday.

This way I can easily add in additional word art for more important dates to come, like the anticipated birthdate of baby number two! 

This time I uploaded the pictures as 8X10 JPEGs and printed them as standard photos for only a couple dollars each. Mixing in the final prints with the pictures added a perfect hit of color and interest to the wall!

Next time you need a piece of art try a custom project! Or you can hire me to create one for you!


2 thoughts on “Creating Custom Artwork

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  2. Jenna, how much do you charge to make the baby name and birth info ones? I have seen those so many places but have no idea how to create them. They are a sweet (and helpful) way to remember all the special information. Plus with #5 on the way I tend to get all their stats mixed up!

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