Exciting News

It has been exciting week at the Halvorson household.  First off, my inaugural post as a contributor to Bargain Hoot was published last Thursday. Rene who is behind Bargain Hoot shares all kinds of great and thrifty ideas for fashion, design, recipes, crafting and the list goes on.  I am very excited to be partnering with her and will be posting for her a couple times a month. You can check out my first post here.

And, in even more exciting news, after five years in the corporate world, I made the decision to resign from my job and stay home with this little guy

And the soon to be this little guy or girl

While it is all still setting in, my husband and I are thrilled and feeling incredibly blessed that we have the opportunity to do this for our family.  So I will be transitioning to life as a stay-at-home-mom these next few weeks, which I am hoping will give me a lot more time for design.  So if you are in need of design services, let me know, I am excited to see where these new endeavors may lead and hopefully lots more blogging!


5 thoughts on “Exciting News

  1. We are going to miss you in corporate world :) But so happy for you!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to have you help design our future spaces – since that is not my area of expertise!

    • Thanks Kira! You will need to bring me up-to-speed on all things stay-at-home mama :) Hope you guys are doing great, love the kids pictures you posted on Facebook! Can’t believe how big they both are getting!

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