Bring on the yardwork- Part 1, Installing a Paver Patio

My husband and I have a dirty little secret.  While the inside of our house can usually be found neat and polished, our yard has been a raging disaster since we moved in two and half years ago.  We both have never enjoyed yard work and we just couldn’t find the motivation for starting the job.  But a few weeks ago we had a yardwork revelation and began tackling the not-so-small project.

This is certainly a phased project which will consist of:

  • Landscaping the front of the house
  • Re-seeding the lawn in the front and back
  • Installing a patio in the backyard
  • Removing several trees that are growing over our power lines
  • Landscaping the backyard
  • Over 200 bags (yes that is correct) of mulch to help cover the shady areas where our grass won’t grow.

We started the project Easter weekend by installing a patio.  We had been to Home Depot and Lowes and weren’t happy with the paver selection so luckily I came across some beautiful pavers on Craigslist for a few bucks a pop.  Scott and his dad spent a day driving carloads of them back from Lees Summit while we prepped the area for the patio. We had crushed gravel laid a couple summers ago so our prep work consisted of pulling weeds, removing debris, leveling out the surface and laying lawn fabric down over the area.

Here is what our patio area looked like before, a blank and dirty 10X20 sq foot area.

And here are our materials ready to roll.  In addition to the pavers we had purchased enough sand for an inch-thick base, some rubber mallets, 2×4’s for leveling the sand, string to mark off the area and a string level.

Once the area was prepped Scott and his dad laid down the sand and leveled it with two plumbing pipes and a 2×4.  The process was actually pretty easy and accurate.  From there we started laying the pavers. Around the edges I nailed in paver edging to lock the stones into place.

Scott installing the final paver!

After all the pavers were installed we swept concrete sand into the cracks and wet down with a hose to lock into place.  And now comes the fun part, the decorating and enjoying of the patio.  More to come soon!


3 thoughts on “Bring on the yardwork- Part 1, Installing a Paver Patio

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