A Nursery for Number 2

Not my number two, but my friend Kristi and her husband Paco who are expecting their second baby girl this May.  Kristi wanted to create a playful and feminine nursery that feels new despite using the same furniture from her first daughter.   We set out looking for inspiration and came across a vase from Anthropologie that Kristi loved.

I loved the color combination and we decided to base the entire design off of it.  Because Kristi and Paco already owned the furniture for the nursery the design scheme would come down to the details and accessories. After a few iterations, we all landed on the following plan:

We want the paint color and the fabrics to be the star of the show so I went bold with a robin’s egg blue and red chevron accents.  I found the paint color when I came across Norah’s nursery tour that has a very similar feel.

Kristi already has a pair of white curtains that we are going to dress up with some red fringe.  New hardware will breathe new life into the traditional dark wood furniture and some pops of yellow throughout will keep the room from being too matchy.  So, with just a couple months until arrival, work is underway at the Lacles! Stay tuned for more details of the project and of course pictures of the final reveal!


5 thoughts on “A Nursery for Number 2

  1. Can you tell me where I can find a similar lamp and hardware for my daughter’s nursery? I love the whole look!

    • Hey Catherine- the lamp shade is actually from Ikea. We were able to find one on ebay. Honestly I haven’t come across one too similar from other stores but Home Goods always has a great lighting selection and fun decor for kids!

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