48 Hour Makeover …. With the Help of a Six Month Old

My husband was out of town this past weekend so I took on a quick project to keep me busy. My guest room has been in flux the last couple months as you may remember from my post when I combined it with our home office.  But now that the extra room is freed up again I wanted to whip it into shape in preparation for holiday guests.

I challenged myself to see how much progress I could make in 48 hours, which might not seem too difficult, but having my lovely Noah (now six months) home with me meant that time management would be of the essence.  So with a Robert Irvine/Restaurant Impossible mentality, I set out to accomplish as much as possible in just two days.

Here is what the guest room looked like Friday evening once I got the furniture moved back in from the office.  Not much happening here.

Friday evening after Noah went to bed I taped and prepped the room and began painting.  I went with Bedford Grey, one of my favorite Martha Steward paint colors.

Saturday morning started with breakfast party with my Noah.

Then during Noah’s morning nap I finished painting and hung the curtains you see laying on the bed. You might recognize these DIY curtains from my sunroom.  I decided it was too much color for my sunroom and better used as a jumping off point in this room.

Saturday afternoon we made a trip to Home Goods looking for some room accents.  Came up empty handed but Noah got a good nap at the store!

Saturday evening I met a friend to pass on the headboard from the original guest room design so it can have new life in her daughter’s room.  I also got all of the bedding together.  I didn’t purchase anything new, borrowed the Euro pillows from our master bedroom since I will be putting our winter bedding on soon and flipped the bird pillow to the back side to reveal the cute chevron print.

Sunday morning got a few accents together.  Used two existing lamps I have from TJMaxx and the blue side table which has been siting in my basement, also TJMaxx.  The white buffet in the corner was a Craigslist find from last year that my husband refinished in a lacquered white and had previously been used as a buffet in the kitchen.

So, in 48 hours I was able to get the guest room looking pretty good!

I wouldn’t call it finished, I would still like to find a mirror, change out the flush mount light and add a couple more accents, but I think it’s in pretty good shape for guests which is great because my parents check in this weekend.

So it was a pretty wonderful weekend and I even had plenty of time left over for an afternoon walk with this happy guy!


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