DIY Kitchen Banquette

Life has been busy which hasn’t left much time for updates on our dining room project even though we have been plugging away at it! We landed on a bead board design for the banquette with a round table and neutral color scheme.  Here is the plan:

It’s centered around the Avalon Dining Table I found at Crate and Barrel.  At $499 plus 10% off with a promotion I feel it’s a pretty great deal for such a sturdy and attractive table.  The round table will allow for easy access into the banquette which is essential.  So with the dimensions of the table known, we decided to get construction on the banquette going.

We started by ripping out the baseboard along the far side of our dining room.  We will shift the seating arrangement from centered in the room as you can see in the pictures from my last post to left justified to open up the room and create a better walkway to the sunroom and kitchen.

From there Scott began assembling a box simply constructed out of MDF.  We left the top off so that we can secure it with hinges to allow for storage inside the box. 
From there we moved the box into place and trimmed it out with baseboard and applied beadboard to the front.  We also decided to run beadboard up the wall about 4 feet to add some texture and definition to the space. 

So construction is underway, stay tuned for updates on the construction and more pictures as all the furniture arrives!


3 thoughts on “DIY Kitchen Banquette

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  2. You are my hero! Being a ‘virgin’ builder, i need more details!!! What did you use inside to support weight? I can see something in the photo, not sure if it’s support beams or not. T hanks for your help, we can’t wait to finish ours!

    • Hey Sherrie thanks so much for reading. The whole banquet is constructed out of MDF. We built out the shell and then attached a MDF base. We ran two pieces of MDF through the center for support and that also broke the storage into three bins which is great. We attached the top with piano hinges and it rests nicely on the outer frame and two supports. It’s super sturdy!

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