Dining Room Reno Underway!

The last couple months I have been on a mission to redesign our entire first floor living area. Since we moved in almost two years ago I have never given enough time or effort to finish pulling together our main living space.  Now that some of our other rooms are in order, I decided to begin the overhaul.

I decided to start in our dining room after my husband had the great idea to build a kitchen banquette.  Here is our current dining room which we had previously built a reclaimed Rock Maple table for.

I like the table and chairs but I am ready to try something a little more interesting.  I posted my table and chairs on craigslist and pocketed $400 to help fund the new project.

My husband and I turned to the internet to find some good banquette inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites:

After getting  some needed inspiration, we landed on the project plan consisting of:

  • Building a kitchen bench with storage and facing with beadboard
  • Purchasing  a round table so that the bench can be easily accesses
  • New chairs (the old ones were not as sturdy as I wanted)
  • Putting beadboard along the dining room wall and painting the entire dining room
  • New light fixture that can be swagged to hang over top the new table
  • Upholstering a cushion for the kitchen bench
I’m still pulling together the design plan but will have more details soon!

3 thoughts on “Dining Room Reno Underway!

  1. Hey Jenna- So fun to read your blog! I found it via your sister’s facebook page- what a cute son and cute little house you have! I have a blog as well- seems like we have similar interests in home improvement, DIY, etc. Hope you are doing well- my parents were at the wedding on sunday and said it was beautiful!

    • Hi Katie- Thanks for your nice note! Appreciate you checking out the blog. You should send yours my way, I would love to check it out. Do you live in Minneapolis. Hope all is well. Blessings!

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