A Nursery Design for Baby W

I had so much fun designing a nursery for Noah Zion that I was a little sad when it was all finished.  So I was very excited to hear that our good friends the Whetstines are expecting their first baby this December and are letting me help pull the nursery design together! Like us, they aren’t finding out gender so they are in need of a neutral design.

To get started I had them send me a couple nurseries they liked for inspiration.

These nurseries all have fairly neutral colors, nothing too bright or themey. Based on these, and the overall style of their home, I created three different design boards for them to react to.

1. Baby Whetstine Retro Nursery uses bold hits of color with clean, modern lines.

2. Baby Whetsine Chevron Nursery uses bold pattern in classic colors with a fun accent in red.

3. Baby Whetstine in Blue is a more traditional approach with cool blues that can easily be made more gender specific once baby arrives.

The Whetstines had a chance to review these and liked number three the best.  They also liked some other elements and had some great ideas of their own.  So, I will take all their feedback and create a final design board that will be what we work from for this project.  And luckily we have a strict timeline with baby on way to keep us plugging along. Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “A Nursery Design for Baby W

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