Making a Builder-Grade Bathroom Work

The second bathroom in our home is equally as small and boring as the master bathroom.  The second bathroom is on the main level of our home and serves as the guest bathroom and Noah’s bathroom (which, at three months,  is only needed for bath time).  The bathroom was white, on cream, on white when we moved in and boring as can be.

Even though the bathroom was boring, it had been updated and plenty functional so we really didn’t want to put any money into it.  I wanted to spruce it up without painting it as some day I may want to upgrade the fixtures and do a full overhaul.

So I did a mini-makeover on the cheap.  I purchased towels and a ceramic potter from Home Goods for about $50 and a white storage unit for $50.  I changed out the silver knobs with some clearance finds from Anthropologie to jazz it up a bit.  For artwork I cut up an old calendar and framed it.

I used the white shower curtain from our old apartment and added some color with the Ogie Bathrug from Target for $24.99.  I try to incorporate fun accents throughout, even the soap dispenser has a fun design on it!

For about $100 I was able to give the bathroom a little color and make it a bit more pleasant for guests.

I also needed to make it functional for Noah.  Since storage is MINIMAL, I wanted to avoid purchasing a bulky infant tub.  I came across the Puj Tub which is one of my favorite new mom buys.  This little hummer stores flat and can be hung on the back of the door until bath time.

Then it conveniently folds into the sink, providing a perfect seat for Noah.  As you can see, he LOVES the Puj Tub.

So for the time being we are making our builder-grade bathroom work.  And maybe sometime in the future, budget permitting, we will spruce it up a bit more!


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