Our home is in a time of transition.  Noah is already 3 months old (and getting big as you can see), I started my life as a working mother last week, my husband Scott graduated school and started working as a pharmacist and my sister-in-law is moving in with us next weekend.

To accommodate the many new changes in our life I have been busy clearing out our guest room to make room for my sis-in-law and turning our current home office into an office/guest room.  I am keeping all of these designs as non-committal as possible as these arrangements are temporary. Oh and the budget for these changes is $0.

Our previous guest room was an arrangement of leftover furniture that I tried to make feel intentional.  The only new addition I made to this room was an upholstered headboard that I constructed similar to the one in our master bedroom.

It was cozy and got the job done but I was never in love with it.  To make room for my sis-in-law’s things I  moved the queen bed into what had previously been my husband’s home office.   As you can see from the before, the office was in a bit of distress after a busy summer.

Since this space will mainly operate as an office and occasionally a guest room I needed to keep all the elements functional.  Here is where I landed:

A modern, clean, guest room.  Is it my favorite room ever? Absolutely not. But without spending a dime I was able to use what was existing to make a space that accommodates my family’s current needs.  I got my guest bed for when we have company.

Space for guests to keep their things or extra desk space when guests are not present.

And very functional desk and office storage space:

All this to say that every room in your house can’t be your favorite.  But you can make your spaces fun with what you already have and more importantly, make them practical for the current needs of your family.


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