Building a Bed

I must admit since the arrival of little Noah I haven’t had quite as much time on my hands for design dreaming.  But now that the little one is getting on a good schedule (minus the occasional 2am party) its back to tackling some decor projects.  Now that the necessary structural work is completed in the  master bedroom and the design plan has been set, its on to building a great master bed to anchor the design.

I wanted an upholstered bed, something that would add some texture and softness to the room.  I also wanted it to be neutral so I could easily change the look of the room with different bedding and linens.  My search turned up the following results.

The Slipcovered Bed Set from West Elm, coming in at $699 + shipping for a queen set.

The Tate Bed from Crate and Barrel, $1,399 + shipping for a queen set.

The Kyle Bed from Macy’s, $999 for a Queen Set.
These beds are all beautiful and would work great in our master bedroom, but all are major budget-busters.  With few affordable options turning up, I figured I could piece together a headboard and bedskirt in the same material to give the appearance of an upholstered bed.

So my husband and I went to Home Depot and got a piece of plywood cut to the size we wanted for the headboard.  I purchased white duckcloth fabric from Joann Fabric which is nice and sturdy, great for upholstering.  I also purchased a button covering kit  like the one below and a foam mattress pad from Target (cheaper than purchasing foam at the fabric store).

From there I simply wrapped the plywood in the foam and fabric and stapled the back with a staple gun.  I covered the buttons in the same fabric and drilled holes to thread the buttons through.  In less than a couple hours we had a beautifully upholstered headboard.

I then used the extra fabric to sew a simple bedskirt and cover the metal bedframe.  I sewed a hem on three panels, and then sewed them together and pinned the bedskirt to the bedframe.

Once the base was completed, it was a matter of dressing the bed.  Im my previous post I shared the coverlet from Target I purchased.  I also purchased the Rosette Pillow to match.  I paired this with Charter Club sheets from Macy’s (not available online but similar to these Jacquard in grey and white) for only $25 and two Organic Pintuck Shams from West Elm at only $14.99 each. When all was said in done, the entire bed and bedding came in at about $200, with a final result I’m thrilled with!


8 thoughts on “Building a Bed

  1. I love the headboard. I’m just wondering how you attached it to the wall? I’m considering making one as well. Thanks!

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