Baby Halvorson Nursery Reveal

At 37 weeks its due time for both a baby and the nursery reveal!  I have had lots of fun decorating this space and ended up straying just a bit from my original design board.  The brown, yellow and white was a little too matchy so I introduced a rusty orange and lime green to make the space more playful.  Here is a reminder of what the room looked like before.

I can’t say the room is 100% complete, because when we know Baby H’s gender I will definitely want to add some feminine or masculine touches where appropriate.  But with Baby H set to arrive any day, here is where we will be bringing him/her home to!

Window Seat
The tiny room lacked a focal point so I created the window seat to give the room more depth and accent the large window. 

Changing Station
The room has a very small closet so I  chose a changing table that would provide plenty of storage and flexibility.

Display Wall
I created this wall so the books, artwork and decor can easily be changed, providing instant design updates.

I used decals to accent the short Cape Cod wall and provide a pop of color for baby to enjoy from the crib.

I kept the crib neutral with a homemade crib skirt and brown “sheet saver.”  Once we know Baby H’s gender I will add a gender appropriate bumper and accents on the wall.

So there it is, with just a couple weeks to spare! I included a source list of some of the key components of the room.

Source List
Crib: BabyMod Parklane Crib from Walmart  $281
Side Table: Pedestal Side Table from Crate and Barrel $39.95
Changing Table: Gulliver Changing Table from Ikea $69
Shelf above changing table: Grundtal from Ikea $19.99
Wall Decals: Animals Alphabetized from Blik Wall Decals $40
Paint: Tailor’s Chalk in glossy finish from Home Depot 
Curtains: Stripe Shower Curtain from West Elm $39 (I made into two curtains)
Chair: Poang from Ikea
Orange and Yellow Pillow: Urban Outfitters $32
White and Brown Pillows: Marshalls $5 each
White Lamp and shade: Target
White shelves: Target
White wall cubes: Target set of 3 for $19.99
White Rug: Home Goods $120
Fabric for bedskirt and footstool: Tiles in chocolate $8.50/yard


23 thoughts on “Baby Halvorson Nursery Reveal

  1. Hi there! I love your nursery! I was wondering if you could tell me what the wall color is? And also how the shower curtain feels? I have been looking for striped yellow curtains myself, and just wanted to make sure these are cloth-like!! Thanks and great job!

    • Hi Taylor- Thanks for reading! I need to check on the wall color, I can’t remember off hand but I know it’s one of the Martha Stewart white paints in a glossy finish. And yes, the curtains are cloth-like, you honestly can’t tell at all that they are a shower curtain!

  2. This is such a gorgeous nursery! Just to continue on the shower curtain topic, the bright color of is exactly what I’m looking for – however, on the West Elm site they look a little more subdued and “mustard”. Is the color in your pictures closer to accurate? I hope so… :) Love it!

    • Thanks Emily! I would say the color is definitely brighter than appears on the West Elm website. The window I have mine hanging on gets a ton of sunlight which brightens the color, but I would say it’s more of a soft yellow than true mustard. Hope that helps :)

  3. Great job, I love your nursery!! I especially like the shower curtain from West Elm, I am now debating whether to get this for my bathroom. I have a question about it – in your pictures the yellow looks very vibrant, which I like, but in the pics on the West Elm site, it looks much different – more pale. Which would you say is more true-to-life?

  4. Love the nursery! Beautiful job!

    I esp love the striped shower curtain from West Elm. Question: in your pics it looks nice and vibrant yellow but on the west elm site it looks much more subdued. Which one is more true-to-life? I’d love a nice bright white and yellow striped curtain for my bathroom.


    • Hi Katie, thanks for reading the blog! The shower curtain is kind of a light mustard color. Where I have it hanging in the window I get a ton of sunlight so that certainly makes it look a little bit brighter yellow. I think it is a little lighter than appears on the West Elm site tough. Hope that helps!

  5. I love your nursery. It’s very much like what I’m trying to achieve with our baby’s nursery (neutral, modern, bright). I love your curtains. Yellow striped curtains are impossible to find (within a reasonable budget). So, you bought one curtain, cut it in half, and then sewed the cut seam? I think I can do this!

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  7. Area or you can say location is additionally an essential angle in picking a curtain fabric. Your area will give you a thought for what sort of curtain fabric you might utilize for your home.

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