A Saturday night at the Halvorsons, with a little inspiration from Taniya

Last weekend I ventured to the Johnson County Home and Garden Show to hear from Taniya Nayak from HGTV.  If you aren’t familiar with Taniya, she has a few shows on HGTV including Designed to Sell.  She specializes in staging homes and design plans that are friendly on the pocketbook. Here is a pic of me and Taniya (and baby Halvorson at 28 weeks)
Taniya shared some tips for freshening up homes on the cheap.  She is usually challenged to get a home staged for an open house with a $1,000-$2,000 budget.  She dished that just like the rest of us, she does most of her shopping at Home Goods, Target, TJ Maxx and other common stores that any viewer would have access to.
The next evening Taniya’s tips were lingering in my mind when I decided that my lack luster living room needed some updating.  I have never taken the time to create a design plan for the living room, only spent time getting the essentials so it was comfortable and livable.  Here is the state of my living room at 7:30pm that evening (don’t mind the mess).
Pretty boring with bold colors that don’t fit the tone of the room. I decided the redesign needed to start immediately and that the black hand-me-down rug needed to go.  Within a matter of minutes I had located a rug that I loved from Target, the Home Medallion Wool Shag Rug. The price was right at $129 and all the reviews were excellent.
My husband drove me over to Target (at 28 weeks pregnant I can’t do much heavy lifting) and I located the rug which was even better in person.  The quality was fantastic and I knew it was a must have to get the design going in the right direction.
When I got I home I replaced the rug and started pulling some of the colors out of the room to neutralize it a bit and tone things down.  We spend most of our time in this room and I wanted a neutral palette as to not get burned out on bold colors. I pulled out the greens and blues and brought in some softer whites.  I traded the green ottoman with the wood coffee table from our sunroom (which was a dumpster find a few years back).  By 10:00pm our living room had undergone a bit of a transformation, leaving it looking like this.
By no means is the room a finished product but I think it has me headed in a good direction …. and it satisfied my impulsive Saturday night design frenzy, or maybe it’s just nesting at this point!  So more to come as I develop the living room design and tie it in with the entry way project we have in the works.


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