Creating an Entryway Phase 1

The front door to our 1950 Cape Cod opens up directly into our main living room.  I love the open feel this creates on our first floor, but it leaves little space for storage and organization.  When we first moved in I had a mirror and console table from Crate and Barrel Outlet in the front entry space. While I loved the look of the console, it provided little space for storage.  We needed a more practical entrance that created a welcoming feel. When my husband came across this picture in a Pottery Barn magazine, we felt it was perfect inspiration for making our space more functional.

The bench and shelf alone cost $500 from The Samantha Entryway Collection at Pottery Barn, and that didn’t include the wood paneling detail which was our favorite part.  We cooked up our own plan, and headed to Home Depot where for about $100 in materials, we started on phase one of our entry way project.

We purchased pine wood planks and quarter round for paneling and MDF for the bench.  We planned on painting both the paneling and bench the same color as our fireplace.  We chose MDF for our bench because it is cheaper than wood and very easy to paint.

We customized measurements to our space the started by painting the wall to provide a background for the paneling.

From there Scott framed out the paneling using the pine planks and quarter round.  I sanded it all off to give it a nice smooth finish.

As you can see from the picture, Scott built the custom bench out of MDF, mimicked after the Pottery Barn piece. He cut some small detailing on the side rails to give it a more polished, and less homemade look.  From there we painted everything to match our existing trim, fireplace and custom shelves.  We used Behr from Home Depot in “Country Dairy.”

To finish off the bench I picked up three “Milk Crate” storage baskets from Target at $18.99 a piece to fit into the cubby holes.  And we ended up with this!

So Phase 1 is complete.  Now on to building the shelf, adding hardware, and covering the bench with an upholstered top.  I also love the coordinating coat rack in the Pottery Barn picture and have an old one in the basement I think I can whip into shape!  So while I start on Phase 2 and get a final product in the works, check out this great mudroom storage from the blog Honey We’re Home.


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