13 weeks and counting

I resoluted to be a better blogger in 2011.  So far I don’t think I can consider that resolution a success.  But I certainly am not short on content and have lots to share with what has transpired in our home the last several months.

The good news, lots of progress and exciting projects in the Halvorson household.  The bad news, several works in process that could use some finishing touches and closure.  The current project queue includes:

  • Designing the master bedroom after a leaky wall and our first experience with sheet rock
  • Touching up some mishaps in the master bathroom
  • Finishing touches on the sunroom
  • Creating an entry way complete with storage
  • A nursery for baby Halvorson who we are expecting May 22

So the last project is by far the most exciting, and while there is much more to do in the house, I can’t help but share some plans for the nursery!

We don’t know the gender of Baby H which has made the design a bit challenging.  I have become familiar with the blog world of baby design and have found a few favorites:

Even with all this great inspiration, design has not been easy.  I have gone through several different nursery plans. My first design was based around these curtains from Urban Outfitters.

When we got the curtains in the room they felt a little too feminine for a gender-neutral room.  I decided to abandon this design and go with something that had a little more modern edge.  This design was inspired by this wall graphic from Ella + Elliot

I liked the bold red but after some thought the whole design felt a little too cold.  I decided to explore a lighter palette and was inspired by this lion print on a modern eden. Meet Henry the Lion

He is the inspiration for the nursery and has a special meaning for our little one (but I’ll have to save those details for a later).

So now that inspiration is set, I just need to work through the details.  13 weeks and counting… but hopefully I can knock out a design before that. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “13 weeks and counting

  1. So happy for you, Jenna. Can’t remember which small group buddy shared your news with me and it seems strange that I haven’t seen you since then. Sad to miss tomorrow’s get together.

    Also, I have to mention that my Cecilia adored your Nutcracker video. We’ve watched about 5 times and anytime she sees me with my laptop out, she asks to watch it again. (I don’t think she understands that Daddy’s laptop also can get to the same content:)

    Hope to see you soon!

  2. That is so funny…..I just purchased a Charley Harper calendar with the intent of using some of the prints in our yet to be conceived baby’s room. Great minds think alike.

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