Set Sail- Master Bathroom Mini Remodel

While the sunroom is still taking shape I decided to move on to another project (if you haven’t already caught on, I like to keep several things moving at once).  This mini remodeling project came about because of a clogged sink.  When the sink in our master bathroom started backing up, we decided to remove it and whip up something a little more exciting.  What we have is a builder-grade bathroom:

With less than 25 square feet to work with, we decided on a plan incorporating bright color and bold patterns.  The mini-remodel will call for one major transformation, the addition of a custom vessel sink (which we will figure out how to build).  The vessel sink will also add some much-needed storage.

I created a design plan focused around this awesome shower curtain I found at Anthrolpologie.  Here is the inspiration: This plan will be challenging to execute as we need to incorporate great style while adding functionality to the space. So step one, get a sink back on the wall… rather figure out how to build a vessel sink.  Stay tuned, DIY vessel sink to come!


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