Thanks for being here…

I am glad you’ve come along as I attempt to provide creative inspiration for your home and lifestyle!  This is an ambitious blog as for those who know me, I am not a designer, artist, blogger or anything that comes close…  rather spend the majority of my Monday-Fridays in a 5X5 ft cubicle covered in gray felt.  But where there is a will there is a way! And that is the motto of this self-proclaimed DIY design site.  This blog is meant for those of you who have high ambitions for design and style but your budget and time make it hard to get the look you want.  So read on… I am not opposed to pulling things out of dumpsters, scouring through local garage sales or rolling my sleeves up and doing it myself (with the help of my trusty husband) to bring you design inspiration.  So… I hope you continue to follow my blog and jump in when creativity strikes you!

Where it all began…
I caught the design bug when my husband and I moved into a one bedroom “metro-flat” in downtown Kansas City.  We had just got married and funds were low to decorate the new diggs.  We worked hard to get the style we wanted at the right price and the results were just as we had pictured.  We entered a design contest for small spaces on my favorite website apartment therapy and earned an unexpected cover on Ink KC.  Below are some of our favorite pics of the place.

The wall art was cheap and changeable (I like to move things around frequently).  I simply took records from our collection and displayed them on shelves that were crafted from gutter trim purchased at the Home Depot for $2.  The coffee table was pulled out of a dumpster at my old apartment complex.  I gave it a fresh color touch up and had a piece of steel cut to fit on the top… total cost to refurbish was $20.  The couch is from Urban Outfitters and folds down to create a much needed guest bedroom in a one room apartment.

Space is always of the essence in 700 square feet.  This kitchen shelving is incredibly versatile (it started out as storage in our garage).  The shelves are on casters so they can easily be moved and the shelving height can be changed.  Shelving cost approx. $100 from Costco.

The kitchen overflowed into the main living space so I wanted to keep things looking clean and minimal.  Counter space was minimal so my husband built a large kitchen table that was over waist high and could double as additional cooking space when needed.  The table was made out of old wood from Scott’s parents house and a friend cut a large metal pipe to make the legs.  We put the table on casters so it could easily be moved.  The bar stools are Scott’s artwork.  He took old stools from his grandfather’s workshop and recovered them in bright orange vinyl.  He mounted them on old pieces of linoleum with a metal edge and sliders on the bottom.  The project cost almost nothing and was a great way to update family pieces for everyday.  It truly made our kitchen a work of art!

The main room included an office for Scott (a pharmacy student that spends a lot of time studying).   Being short on space, again we put the desk on wheels.  This made it easy to slide it out of the way for morning yoga!

I really wanted to purchase a bed when we moved in but couldn’t find one I liked in an affordable price range. I saw a post on how to build your own headboard and gave it a whirl.  I was impressed with the results… for about $20 I had a professional looking headboard.  I wrapped the boxspring in piece of fabric to finish off the look.  The bedside table was another dumpster dive.  This time I used navel jelly to strip the paint off and restore to the metal.  The globe doubles as a lamp and ironically Scott and I both had the exact same one that our families handed down (i.e. didn’t want to look at in their own homes).  The Green lamp was a  bargain from Pottery Barn Teen.  They have some great sales items however beware that if you order you will continue to receive the Pottery Barn Teen magazine every week! Curtains were no-sew black out shades made from curtain liners and a metal pipe from Home Depot.


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